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The A23 is the main road due South out of London towards Brighton. Just before the M23, the A23 goes through a pass in the North Downs. Centred on this pass is the town of Coulsdon. On the Eastern shoulder of the Downs is the village of Old Coulsdon. In the centre of Old Coulsdon is the Parish Church for the Eastern side of Coulsdon. The Western side is in the Parish of St Andrew.

The church, postcode CR5 1HA, is in Canons Hill which is east off Coulsdon Road, B2030, opposite the shops of the Tudor Parade. The Congregational Church is on the southern corner, by a zebra crossing, and St John’s is a little way down on the right, O.S. reference TQ313582. There is usually roadside parking space in Canons Hill. There are disabled parking places in Canons Hill outside the Congregational Church Hall. There is no parking across the dipped kerb north of this hall.

The bus stop for route 60 is outside the Tudor Rose PH at the south end of the shops. The stops for route 466 are (northbound) at the north end of the shops and (southbound) just north of Canons Hill.


Maps may be obtained by clicking the O.S. reference above or from "A Church Near You", a website run by the Church of England. The map of the immediate area on this site currently marks the Congregational Church, on Coulsdon Road (B2030), on the southern corner of Canons Hill. To get to St. John's, proceed up Canons Hill to the first bend, enter the church gate and walk eastwards along the main path. The walk from Canons Hill may also be done in our virtual tour.

We are at 51°18’28”N, 7’5”W. On Google Earth we are marked “St John the Evangelist Church of England”. Ignore the houses marked “St. John C of E Church” near the church gate.

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from the north

This route is more direct and avoids speed bumps.
Take the A23 Southwards out of Purley. After a zebra crossing, turn left into Stoats Nest Road. (B2030, signposted "Old Coulsdon") After shops on the left this joins the alternative route and becomes Coulsdon Road. (B2030, signposted "Caterham") Opposite shops on the right, immediately before a zebra crossing, turn left into Canons Hill.

from the north (alternative)

This route may be better when the A23 is congested.
Take the A23 Southwards out of Purley. At the traffic lights by the Fire Station turn left into Old Lodge Lane. Follow this road to the far end. (It becomes Hartley Down. Do not take a left fork.) Turn left into Coulsdon Road. (B2030, signposted "Caterham") Opposite the shops, immediately before a zebra crossing, turn left into Canons Hill.

from the south

Approach Coulsdon on the A23. At the first roundabout take the second exit (the first is the elevated part of the bypass). At the second roundabout take the third exit into Marlpit Lane. (B276, signposted "Caterham, Old Coulsdon, (B2030)") Follow this road to the far end. Turn right into Coulsdon Road. (B2030) After 100 yards, turn left into Canons Hill.

from the south east

Leave Caterham on the B2030. (It becomes Coulsdon Road shortly before you cross Coulsdon Common.) Look for the Tudor Rose PH followed by shops on the left. Immediately after the zebra crossing, turn right into Canons Hill.
The Congregational Church is on the corner of Canons Hill. St John's is a little way down on the right.
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Public Transport

The 60, 404 and 466 buses stop nearby; ask for the Tudor Rose. Only the 60 and 466 run frequently or on Sundays. The nearest Railway stations are Coulsdon South (at the bottom of Marlpit Lane, on the Redhill line) and Coulsdon Town, formerly Smitham (in the centre of Coulsdon, on the Tattenham Corner line). Both are served by the 60 bus and go north to Purley. Every effort is made to keep this page up to date but for the latest information consult Transport for London.

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Parish Hall

location of buildings The Parish has a Hall available for events. It is located some 400 m (¼ mile) distant from the church, on Marlpit Lane opposite Bradmore Green pond. Several clubs and classes meet in it regularly. It is run by a committee of the PCC. To hire, ring 01737 556840.

To get there from the church, return to Coulsdon Road (if on foot, cross at the zebra), turn right and take the left fork (Marlpit Lane, B276). The Hall is on the left just after the crossroads (Tollers Lane).

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