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Care and Support Visiting

Bereavement Visitors Group Home Communion

Two groups of visitors are active in the church, one supporting those who have been bereaved and another visiting those who are housebound.

Bereavement Visitors Group

The purpose of the group is to make contact with the next-of-kin of those who have died and give them support, comfort and help as seems appropriate for up to two years. Visitors aim to make contact with a bereaved person within a month of the funeral and further visits follow at regular intervals.

The group organises an annual Service of Memorial and Thanksgiving held in St. John's on a Sunday close to All Saints' Day (1 November). Personal invitations are issued to close relatives of those who have died during the previous two years (where the funerals have been conducted by St. John's clergy) and the names of their loved ones are read out during the service. Wide publicity is given to this Service of Memorial and Thanksgiving and anyone who wishes to attend is warmly welcomed.

This group meets regularly to receive training, share experiences and give mutual support, and has a training session once a year.

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Home Communion and Ministry for those unable to attend Church

There are many living in our parish who are unable to join us for services in Church because of illness or disability. They may be permanently housebound or may be sick, convalescing or unable to go out in cold or wet weather. We try to include all (whether they have been worshippers at St. John’s in the past or are new to the parish) in our fellowship by visiting them at home and, where appropriate, taking Holy Communion to them or sharing a short service of Evening Prayer. We include in this ministry visits to nursing and care homes in our parish and continuing links with those who have had to move to such homes in neighbouring parishes. “Laying-on-of-hands” and anointing for healing is also available at home for anyone who requests this ministry.

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