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"St. John’s: helping people to meet Jesus"

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Welcome to the website of St. John’s Parish Church, Coulsdon. As Rector of St John’s, I hope you will find this site informative and helpful. St. John’s is part of the Church of England and is a familiar landmark in Old Coulsdon. It has been the parish church for this area for a thousand years.

Our aim is to help people discover and get to know Jesus. We believe he lived and died and is alive today, and that through faith in him it is possible to know the love of God as Father, and the presence of the Holy Spirit making that love real. We express that aim in our worship, in our care for people, in our links with the wider church, and through various other activities which are described in this website.

We are a group of ordinary people on a journey of faith and discovery. You are very welcome to join us as we travel on together.

You can help.
We meet in a building of great historic interest, but this means we have to spend a lot of money on its upkeep, after financing the mission of the church in the parish and beyond. If you would like to help us, please click on the Just Giving™ logo below to help us. You can also make a continuing contribution to maintaining the fabric of this outstanding church or sponsor or become a fundraiser.

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Rector: Rev’d Paul Roberts

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